Pablo Escandon Cusi: A Guide

The year that Pablo Escandon Cusi was born in the same year that the company which he heads was started. The year is 1943 meaning that both the company and Pablo Escandon Cusi are 54 years old. He is a representative of the private initiative that each person in politics wants to speak to. He comes from the rancid ancestry, and together with his brother, they control a quarter of the Mexico drug market using their leadership in the National Drug that has now been having problems with the Autrey brothers.

From 1993, Pablo Escandon Cusi is one of the youngest members of the Mexican Council of Businessmen. Before, he has been a member of different organizations like the International Chamber of Commerce and the National Chamber of Commerce. The employees of Pablo Escandon Cusi describe him as a man who is strict, demanding, formal and serious. However, they like it that way because they were not allowed to say any single bad word about him. It shows that Pablo Escandon Cusi has been able to build an emporium that was started by his father.

There is a possibility that the empire no longer exists because the educated can come from belonging to one of the famous families like the Porfirian. For instance, the first house of Porfirio Diaz covered Europe after coming from the Iparanga meaning that there was competition in the streets. However, the line of the dispute had not arrived but it is very close. Of course, there is no similarity between being instructed and educated. Pablo Escandon Cusi studied Business Administration at the University of Georgetown, in Washington, and specialized in Finance. He was one of the first people to study the Senior Business Management of IPADE.

Nadro is one of the companies that have been on the list of the stock market for years and it was recently included in the intermediate market. It has forced the company to make heavy investments in technology to be able to be on the same level as Autrey who mostly focus on modernization. Recently, Autrey has opened extranets in the country which motivates Nadro as a company. Nadro joined the fashion of partnering in 1994 with people from outside the country and sold some of their capital to McKesson from America.

However, Nadro is not the only company that Pablo Escandon Cusi takes part in. he is a member of the Boards of Banamex-Accival Commercial America among others. He proposed for reforms of the IMSS law when he was the president of the Mexican Health Foundation. It made the government start looking at the concerns.

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